Talking Book

Game #4

Playing since: February 23, 2019

My voice


Greetings Mr. Anderson I’m not sure what you mean by an “audio-book”, but am I correct in making the assumption that somehow my voice can be reproduced for wider consumption? If so, what an enormous opportunity! Even those without the ability to read may now have the chance to hear directly from some of the… View More

True Representation


Dear, Lucia Love, it was not fear that brought my friend to try to recreate your families likeness, it was dissatisfaction with the way others had. It wasn’t long before he wrote The Conjure Woman that he had a letter sent to me filled with his grievances. During that time Negros were gaining popularity in… View More

Production Notes #4 – Annie and Chesnutt’s “Fusion”


As an exercise, our department has produced a hypothetical inner thought of Annie’s regarding her husband’s more “judgemental behaviors.” It seems to fit Chesnutt’s portrayal of Annie well–the wife who wants to think the best of these crazy stories Julius brings to them, while also believing in giving these workers a “fair try,” even if… View More

Till Death Do Us Part.


You and I are eternally connected because you came out of an idea. This idea might seem a little stereotypical especially in the way that I have illustrated Julius to be almost as a minstrel character. The Goophered Grapevines is not only a story of cruelty during slavery in the South but also an incorporation of… View More

The Phoenix Rises


Dear Mr. Cable, I am honored and humbled by your wise words. These “demons” you speak of has caused many a sleepless nights and the only solution I see for the paralleled color lines is through the wisdom of my great hero, abolitionist and freedom fighter Frederick Douglass. Douglass sees “Mulatto” as being the mixed… View More

Blood Not So Different From Your Own


Dear Chesnutt, Yes, those were good times indeed. to still be young and so naive again, I would give away my coveted mustache. I have lost track of how often I reminisce on how much of a difference we thought we were making. The foolish egocentrism of young men I guess. It’s ironic that we were pushing for… View More