Talking Book

Never Give Up


January 13, 1891

My Dear Mr. Cable,

Your advice has been a grounding factor in my newly acquired taste of fame in the writers circle. Our correspondences has given me a better understanding of the ways in which society may benefit from my writing and vice versa. I do miss those days when I sent my best writing to the Open Letter Club. I wished you would have given me the secretary position at your firm, I know we could have accomplished incredible feats being under one roof.

The study of the southern question is fruitful of surprises, and a great many people who have much to say about it, know really very little about it. I fear that future political action, of which the Mississippi Constitutional Convention will serve as a prototype, will still further curtail the opportunities for education of the colored people in the South. 

Sincerely yours,

Chas. W. Chesnutt.

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