Talking Book

Audiobook Star?


Mr. Anderson,

I have great faith in this idea you have.  As my husband also stated, I do wish that you avoid shedding negative light on him as well as myself.  He has trouble being open minded in some ways and in return I may at times be open minded to a fault.  We as humans tend to group one another together based on our flaws when in actuality we should focus more on our ability to adjust these flaws and learn from them as we go.  In suggesting that John takes Tom under his wing does imply a sense of employer/employee which essentially implies a continued lack of equality, however; I feel as though the opportunity to learn from someone more privileged is one Tom or any African American has never previously had the chance to take and it this opportunity also puts less privileged in a position to surpass their teachers.  Setting someone up for success and paying it forward cost nothing and can have a very positive effect on all parties involved.

Enough of my preaching.  Please continue to reach out with more ideas on how we can move forward with this project.  I am ready to be an audiobook star!

With love,


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