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Game #3

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The Creator’s Revelation


John’s been more receptive lately.  He’s been awfully personable these days.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the letter I delivered to him from that Dubois fellow.  Anyway, I’m just happy that he’s beginning to open his heart.  At first, I attested him ignorant of all matters aside from profit; but after… View More

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Mr. Chestnutt, sir, as a northerner like yourself (from Yiddish-accented English-speaking New York City) who several decades ago relocated to North Carolina, like the characters John and Annie in your recent book THE CONJURE WOMAN, and as a professor, currently, of philology at the University of North Carolina in danger of perishing because he has… View More

My Coachman is a Hoot


The thing here in the south is that people are simple. No one is trying to put on any performances of  class or lineage like in the north – you can know a person’s character by the words he speaks. Take Uncle Julius – he is happy being our coachman and telling us his tales…. View More