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I receive a letter


I am receiving so many letters these days! And from negroes, too. The south truly is a peculiar place. And what times we are living in, my father said that when he was a boy, negroes did not even know how to write, much less use the postal service. Waters brings up a good point – cheap labour is the clearest answer to my pursuits. It is because of entrepreneurs like myself who see these opportunities that American commerce has far exceeded that of Europe’s. My yield of wine was so good this year, I decided to give Uncle Julius a bottle. The tale he told then did indeed appease my desire for entertainment, as well as my wife’s. Uncle Julius told us, that during a particularly plentiful harvest, the previous owner of the¬†vineyard had to work his slaves twice as hard, to harvest all the grapes. There was something with the voodoo woman, I don’t remember, but the point is that this owner was able to harvest all the grapes in time. Only, when he opened the first bottle from that season, the wine had turned into blood! My wife nearly fainted hearing the tale, and I had to assure her that it was only make-believe. Surely Uncle Julius only heard of the christian representation of wine as Jesus’s blood, and got confused as men of his complexion so often do. I had a good laugh at that, bless God and his mercy!

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