Talking Book


“Hoddy do.”  Just ‘ere to shed sum ‘nsight, to dose whose willing’ to listen.  Now I’m not asking’ you folks ter be believers, ‘cuz I ‘spose northern folk nebber had much dealin’s wit southern hapnin’s ’til after da wah.  If it done’ mek no sens’ to yawl, n’ awl sens’bilty, den dere’s not much I ken dew ’bout dat.  Da man das standin’ on top er da mown ten luks at eby ding below ‘im as been less ‘uh dan; once ‘e been up dere.  ‘Lil bit do ‘e kno’ dat all it tek is jus’ a lil’ bit er win ter nock ‘im rite beck ter da bot ‘um.  Enee wez, hoo sed I nose enee ding ’bout mown tens?  Ef  you kin’ folks wun na no enee ding  ’bout dis ‘ere vimya’d, jus le mee no.  I can’ ‘count fer yer ‘n terp ‘e tay shun.  Dere’s stuff hap’ nin’ ’round ‘ere, but life awl ways seems ter go on, rite?