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Ain’ de Same


Mis’ Annie en Missa’ John, deys good folk.  Dey lack de tales I tel em, ‘ven doe sum doan seem ter hab happy en dins’.  Dese yer days are rough on eber body co’se ‘a’ de wah.  I’m glad dat dey’s willin’ ter lis sen, ‘ven doe Missa’ John don’ wan ter ‘ear much ’bout de hapnins en dese pa’ts.  He got his… View More

Chesnutt the Negro? Opening Thoughts on The Conjure Woman


I have spent a few days trying to collect my thoughts on this first tale. Upon learning from a fellow reviewer that Charles Chesnutt is an almost white skinned man claiming to be negro, I find his tales troubling to say the least. What is it about the Negro race that would influence a person… View More



“Goophered,” that’s what the colored man said. I am however not the type to be deterred from prudent purchases by foolish tales. God knows where we would be if my wife with her female sensitivities were to make our financial decisions. Of course, I am at her every bidding, and am always making improvements to… View More