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The Spirit of Slavery Lives on


Dear Mr. John

I can attest to the content of Mr. Du Bois’ character. He is one of the few sharp minds I have encountered, and his eloquence is a product of his intellect. I am a northerner like yourself, however I am a Negro, and I should have you know that a negro man can be as eloquent and well spoken as any. You may find the notion of treating your colored employees better as trivial at best, however you are clearly ignorant in your role in perpetuating the subjugation of the negro race. Now it may appear as though you are simply pursuing capital endeavors, and that utilizing cheap labor is the clearest answer in your pursuits, however your use of cheap negro labor allows our race to remain in an oppressed state by white men such as yourself. Du Bois was correct in that your worker’s tales represent the harsh reality that you will soon come to understand. Tales of conjurers, voodoo, and spells may appease your desire for entertainment, yet you fail to see the horrors lying beneath the surface. For centuries, men such as yourself have sought to make easy profit off the hard work done by men who look just like me. You may be from the North, but you have the character of a southern slave master. Although you do not know me, I am aware of your character merely judging from your business endeavors. Slavery may be as good as finished, yet it will remain alive in spirit as long as people such as yourself seek quick profit through the backbreaking work done by negroes. I am certain that one day you will understand the blame you share in the oppression of my people. Whether or not it will be too late is unknown.

J. Waters

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