Talking Book

We sure do like you, Uncle Julius


Oh Julius!

If this is how you feel then surely you don’t know us as well as you thought. We understand you, don’t we? We listen to your stories, we partake in your magic. And you’ve been around me enough to know there are no flies buzzing around the pocket of my blue dress, where the rabbit’s foot is.

We’re not THOSE kind of white people are we? We don’t even own slaves! Why, you’re black and you like us, don’t you? We sure do like you, Uncle Julius.

And on the subject of politics, which I know not much of, but John would, for women do not participate in such matters, I can say that law and money were what built this great country of America. However, your magic and tall tales have helped us all along the way. We do so appreciate you, Uncle Julius, and hope you will share with us another story soon.

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