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Game #2

Playing since: February 25, 2018

Rabbits and Hams


  I may be an old dog – don’t mean that I can’t learn new tricks. The other day, “my day off” as Mister John would call it – but let’s be honest, am I really working?- I paid a nickel for the Rabbit’s Foot Minstrel Sunday show. Now I ain’t gonna lie – it… View More

Nid Yer a Rabbit’s Foot


Yer gun’ nid a rabbit’s foot with er ter do list tha’ far long. Dun’ fergit da signs. Dem signs be the mostest impo’tant bit o’ conj’uh’in. Remimber, if a screech owl lit on yer chimney an’ hollered, sum’body in dat house iz goin’ ter die. Burnt salt kin fight off death. Rabbit’s foot kin… View More


Ideas Journal


Write up story of the effect produced by a deadly letter falling in the midst of a peaceful household, and scattering confusion before it was opened among the parties concerned. Burst into tears, and alarmed the neighborhood – had dreamed that something had gone horrendously wrong. On being asked what was in the letter, didn’t… View More

Freedom Ain’t Free


Dun ferget ter pay me. Dun mattah who it be, if yer need ah goopher den yer need ter pay. Us cojuh ‘oman gotta make a livin’. Bellies dun git full on roots an’ goophers. All freedom dun com’ at a price. Freedom ain’t free. Folks lik’ us knows tha’ bettah than most anyon’ else…. View More

Separate (and hardly equal)


I’ve had the most horrid day. Didn’t sleep a wink last night and saw a fine, feathery wrinkle appear, as if caught in the act of its self-creation, in the corner of my left eye in the vanity mirror this morning. Too much oolong last afternoon or, more likely, Lucretia oversteeped. Like most of her… View More

A Song for Miss Annie



“Missus” Annie is a bit of a mood, not really speaking or eating much. She lays out in the sun in that armchair John gave her, sighing and frowning like a hot cat. It’s no fun. What I can’t understand about this folks is why I can’t do the same. Sometimes I think bout Sweetie… View More

To A. Chemise Pitwurst


Dear Madam, Replying to your review in the Nashville Star, I beg to say that I lived in the South a number of years when a child, and extending into manhood, and have kept pretty closely in touch all my life with the literature of the South – I have read Mr. Page and Mr…. View More

The Old Lumber


Moving to North Carolina was the best decision Annie and I made. The weather is perfect for the health of my wife. The land we bought was cheap. The soil is perfect for grapes, and the labor is cheap! I’m saving a lot of moving, which is great! The south is great! Everything is just… View More