Talking Book

Issa Plantation Myth


It wuz a hot day in da Souf and I wuz makin my way to de plantation. I jus had to stop n catch sum shade unda a tree. The sun want playin wid us terday. I’m leanin on de tree wen I hear, “You know. Slavery really wasn’t half bad for them niggers.”

I cudnt believe my ears so I luk round ter see who sed it. My eyes lan on anotha white man an John goin’ back n forth bout ‘ow slaves used ter be treated.

“I mean, even you can admit slavery was pretty bad. John got dis look on ‘is face lik he cant believe wut he’s hearin eitha.

“Nah I heard the slaves enjoyed it. Think about it, at least one meal a day, somewhere to sleep, a purpose in life. I bet they loved it. They just don’t tell those stories.”

“Listen, there was a lot more to slavery than those few things. I’d love to stay and argue with you, but my wife’s waiting for me back at home. I’ll see you later.

I watchd John walk way in de direction of de plantation. I walk behin ‘im fer a lil bit til I finally figur I should say sumn’.

“Aye dere Mista John.”

“Oh, hello Uncle Julius.”

“Do yer agree wid anything yer fren sed bout slavery?”

“Oh you heard that? Well truth be told I don’t agree with a word he said. I know slavery was no wear near as nice as he’s trying to make it seem. ”

I ain’t expec John ter try n disagree wid his fren. Of cours he wuz right. Dere wasnt many a slave that liked wut they had a do. Aint nobody wanna be no slave. I ain’t say nun more fo a lil while as we get to de plantation an my face ain’t gave way much what I was thinkin’. I finally turn to ‘im n says, “Yall cudnt een magin wut we slaves went thru. Sumtimes we barely ate. We got beat so bad we cudnt stan up. De masta raped our women and kilt us quick if we sed a word bout it. Ain’t nun never gone compare to dat.”

John wuz quiet fer a while afta dat.

When we reach de plantaion John look at me n says, “Listen Julius, I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but I just wanna say I’m glad we have you around.”

“Righ thanks Mista John. You know where Miss Annie is?”

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