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The Vineyard and My Wife


Owning a vineyard has been difficult, and is hard to balance work time and time I spent with my wife. At times I believe that the business has made my wife unhappy. In the early years I didn’t spend much time at home since I been doing many business trips to advertise and sell my wine and grapes to people on other states.

One of the reasons why I started to do business trips to other states has been due to the low sells in North Carolina in the early years; no one seemed to be interested in buying my grapes. Maybe the people thought that my grapes were actually goophered. Nonetheless, going to other states upped my sales during the first couple of years. I first started farming and selling the grapes to vintners. I then realized that the vintners were making great wine out of my grapes, and thus I started to learn ways of making wine and becoming a vintner myself.


After a couple of years, I had finally made great wine out of my grapes. The progress wasn’t easy, but definitely worth it. Thanks to the great progress, my wine and grapes have became popular in North Carolina. I believe the people have forgotten about the “Goophered Grapevine” tale. I was fulfilling my fantasy of owning a grapevine one step at a time. And because of the up in sales, I was able to hire more men, which allowed me to have more time at home with my wife.

I’m thankful that Uncle Julius has kept her company, and cheers her up when I’m on trips and she is home alone. A couple of days ago, I found Uncle Julius’ rabbit foot in her blue dress. I didn’t know what to think, but I remembered Uncle Julius’ tale of “Sis’ Becky’s Pickaninny” and how happy it made my wife when my wife was condition was deteriorating. Now, my wife’s condition has miraclely improved, and I doubt it has something to do with the rabbit foot. Nonetheless, I will put it back. If anything, I want my wife to have luck.

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