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Lately, I been reading Herbert Spencer’s First Principles, a book that contains the principals for many subjects. The subjects range from science subjects such as biology, to social science subjects such as anthropology.  The book also contains philosophy, that may  be hard to understand and difficult to digest. The book is one of the most popular books to read now days, and definitely a must have.

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There was a day when I was reading Spencer’s work at the piazza, when my wife approached me and told me to read. I was pleased. I been wanting to share this book with Annie, and so I started reading.


THE difficulty of dealing with transformations 
so many-sided as those which all existences have under- 
gone, or are undergoing, is such as to make a definite or 
complete deductive interpretation seem almost hopeless. 
So to grasp the total process of re-distribution, as to see 
simultaneously its several necessary results in their actual 
interdependence, is scarcely possible. There is, however, 
a mode of rendering the process as a whole tolerably 
comprehensible. Though the genesis of the re-arrange- 
ment undergone by every evolving aggregate is in itself 
one, it presents to our intelligence....

My wife Annie stopped me and called the reading “nonsense”. I can’t understand why my wife has an interest to Uncle Julius’ conjure tales, than on actual rational philosophy from great scholars, and dares call it “nonsense”. Uncle Julius’ tales are nothing more than southern superstitious beliefs. The superstitious beliefs is making southerners, both blacks and whites, ignorant.



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